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Support Steven Sennett Local 17 Brother

12978277_1468941641.2865Please help us in supporting Steven Sennett.

Steven is a 33 year old, from South Boston. He is known as a hard working sheet metal worker Local 17.  He is also a good natured and loving, young man. He enjoyed camping in New Hampshire. He also was an active outdoor enthusiast.

On June 26, 2016, Steven was involved in a horrific car accident in the mountains of New Hampshire . He was severely injured.  He has a complete spinal chord injury. Leaving him with paralysis from the breast down. He currently is able to only move his head and arms.   he also has a trach and a feeding tube. The hope is with much therapy he will regain movement of his hands as well as be able to breath and eat on his own.

Steven has been transported from Dartmouth -Hitchcock Trauma  Center in new Hampshire to Spaulding Rehab. in Boston

The severity of his ongoing medical issues are great and many unknown.  There are many obstacles Steven is going to have to overcome to become a productive member of society again, even with his limitations.

Upon leaving the rehab facility he will be going to live with his mother, Karen and his step-father, Bruce.  They will be responsible for his complete, long term care, including all financial costs, which will be extensive.

Some of the most immediate financial burdens include: making their home handicapped accessible, purchasing a  handicap van to transport Steven as well as equipment and ongoing help in the home that insurance may not cover to ensure his well being. There are many programs Steven is eligable for to help with his continued recovery . Some of these are not covered under insurance.  It is our prayer, that he will be able to be involved in these programs with your financial help .

We thank you for your prayers and continued support. We know there is a purpose for Steven and we know he can not attain his goals without your help.

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