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Apprenticeship Contest 2015

IMG_20151114_1013AThe Local 17 apprenticeship contest was a huge success this year with approximately 125 apprentices competing. This year's competition apprentices gathered together from Local 17 Boston, New Bedford, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island to compete.

The contest consists of three different competitions written, shop and drafting. The judges and proctors are journeymen, apprentices and retirees who volunteer their time to critique, grade each project or administer the three disciplines.

The event gives the apprentices a chance to network and show off their skills, also the contest helps promote unity and demonstrate the J.A.T.C.commitment to reliable skills sets for apprentices.

1st Year Winners:

Barry Durnin, McCusker-Gill

Matthew Giannini, McCusker-Gill

Scott Leonard, Walsh Mechanical

2nd Year Winners:

Andrew Polese, Cox Engineering

Jacob Irizarry, Gilbert & Becker

Ronald LaPlume, Food Equipment

3rd Year Winners:

Adam Urrutia, McCusker-Gill

Robert Silva, Gilbert & Becker

Robert Mulvaney, Worcester Air Conditioning

4th Year Winners:

Timothy Twidwell, Walsh Mechanical

Timothy Downing, Worcester Air Conditioning

Greg Leonard, Walsh Mechanical

5th Year Winners:

Todd Thorvaldsen, Worcester Air Conditioning

Travis Dwyer, Boston Air Systems

Robert Lester III, Walsh Mechanical


To view more pictures from the event click here.

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